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Sadly, More and more families are going without food every day because they simply can’t afford the basics. 
Cans 4 Cause
Cans 4 Cause is an initiative by set up by Flashpoint Design and Marketing, in collaboration with St. VIncent de Pauls of Hamilton to help play our part in helping those in need by donating cans for charity. 
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For the month of March, the more design and print we do, the more we donate. Simple as that! By the end of the month we are looking to make a sizable donation to this worthy cause. Flashpoint will be looking to make this an annual event with the help of our valued clientele. 

How does it work?
Over the course of the month, Flashpoint will donate 1 can for every $40 spent on graphic design projects during that month, as well as any print project supporting that graphic design work or simply print requirements without the supported design element.

What do you have to do?
Nothing different. Simply use the services of Flashpoint Design and Marketing like you normally might during the month of March, and we will donate a can for a family in need. Easy as. Maybe you might be looking to order some new business cards? Perhaps instead of purchasing the minimal amount, upgrade to the next amount. This could earn another can or two for charity. This is one way you can help and know that you could be making a real difference in someone's life.

Make a difference...
Contact us today!

Offer closes Tuesday 31st March at 5pm.

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