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Cans 4 Cause is back for 2024!

The sad truth is that poverty and hunger affects everyone. Every day there is families in New Zealand going without because they simply can't afford the basics. Nation-wide in 2023, approx. 16% of households have children living in low-income situations, or situations of material hardship. Our tamariki are going to school with no shoes on their feet, and no food in their lunchboxes. It's not fair and it's not right. 

Sometimes, little differences we can make here or there in our own lives, can make a huge difference to someone else in need.

With the amount of poverty on the rise and cost of living starting to bite, it's also getting harder and harder for great organisations like St. Vincent de Pauls (Vinnies) to keep up with demand, having to rely more and more upon generous donations.

Vinnies is a Waikato based non-for-profit organisation that’s overarching goal is to protect and care for the most vulnerable in the community. This is not only achieved through food and sundry donations, but also by the good-will and volunteer work of the generous people who work within the organisation.

How can you help further?

Cans 4 Cause is an initiative by Flashpoint Design and Marketing in collaboration with Vinnies to help play our part in helping those who need it most in our communities by donating cans for charity.

During the month of March, we run are running a promotion donating cans to charity through the work that we complete. So, the more design and print we do, the more cans we donate. Simple as that! 

We're hoping to run this campaign bigger and better in 2024. If any business is keen to jump on board and join us, we'd be keen to hear from you.

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